The Tarot having its roots in Christian culture, the numbers three and seven are very important. Three, refering to the Trinity, so to God himself, and seven refering to  the Creation. Until now we have seen two groups of three pairs.  They are the six days of creation. For every group we need a seventh card completing the set. At the same time this card must trump over all previous cards.

What is a better card that fulfills this requirements than Justice. Some Popes have been put on trial and were condemmed, like the antipope John XXIII in the early fourteenth Century. Justice is equal for every human, independent if he is a poor criminal, a King or a Pope. Sooner or later every criminal will be punished, be it on Earth by a court of justice or be it in Heaven in the last Judgement.

Justice is presented in the traditional way, with the balance symbolizing that Justice will weight all arguments,  good and bad. The sword in her right hand is symbolizing that Justice always makes a decision. Behind her a knight on a horse who will execute these decisions.

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