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Welcome to my website. May the Tarot wheel turn in the right direction for you. Thank you for joining me on my journey through the history of the Tarot and the structure of the Tarot deck. In these pages you will learn about your soul's journey from birth to eternity. You can read my pages sequentially, like a book, or jump directly to the topics that interest you most. Don't hesitate to follow the links to other interesting sites and photos of historical decks.

Above you can see two different layouts of the Tarot Trump cards. The first one I call the Trionfi Wheel, because it is based on the inner structure of the Trionfi trump cards of the Renaissance. The structure is based on three groups of seven cards with the World card in the middle. Both the Three and the Seven are very important numbers related to spirituality and religion. They are arranged in the form of a wheel to emphasise the cyclical nature of human life. Sometime in the 16th century, the order of the trump cards changed, as did the name, which evolved from Trionfi to Tarot. This second structure is called the Tarot Wheel, where the cards are arranged in seven groups of three, with the World card again in the centre. All these topics are explained in detail in the following pages of this website.

If you are reading this as a book, you can use the NEXT and BACK buttons at the bottom of each page. If you want to find out about a specific topic, just enter one or more keywords in the search box and choose the page that looks most relevant to you. To go directly to any page, use the menu system at the top of the page. Highlighted words in the text allow you to jump to specific topics. If you want to leave a comment on my pages that will be visible to all visitors, use the comment box at the bottom of the page. For further discussion, leave a message on the contact page or send me an e-mail. You can communicate in any language, but for most languages I will reply in English.

As a final note before entering into this interesting subject, English is not my native language and I have received several comments on my writing. For this reason, I will try to correct any grammatical or other linguistic errors on these pages. However, if you find any errors, please let me know by e-mail.

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